What is even worse than having a lousy Saturday night is: knowing that you would have more just-as-lousy, if not lousier, of it.

I should've listened to those people when they were discussing about plan Bs.

- synta @ 2009-09-12 / 9:33 p.m.

disappearing by the end of our walk

So, tomorrow I will be having my last class before I could officially welcome Lebaran holiday. And to help me get through this much-needed break in the beginning of this semester, the lecturers of my different classes gave me some unforgettable 'souvenirs'. You know...

  • I finally got one official topic for my Pra Tugas Akhir Desain Produk which, if everything goes smooth (and I do hope it will), will be the subject of most of my whines for the next two semesters. Which again, if everything goes smooth (again), will be my final semesters to spend in this campus, for the rest of my life.
    (Wow, can't believe typing this excited me so much that I was seduced to reveal some sort of the details)
  • Financial Analysis homeworks. Truly feels like going back to highschool by taking this class. I mean, homeworks? Barely even say that word again these past years.
  • The concept of technology-implemented product for my Desain Produk 5


    Anyway, people, please check: Fold Magazine. Something smart my fellow friends managed to invent (or at least, so I thought).

    And yes, I have this huge obsession for someone whose predicate doesn't make me a tiny bit proud of being obsessed about. It feels like having a huge crush over your boyfriend's ex. Oh wait.

    I had been hearing words I know I should not believe. But it keeps resounding, I can't help it.

    Anyway, finally had the rare opportunity to share the dining table with four loveliest byotchas I had been missing too much last Tuesday. It was fun fun fun.

    ...And it also moved my fingers to create the earlier post.

    Oh, and thanks for being so concerned, but no, you still don't get it. Not on the right spot, not even close.
    No, I wasn't talking to you.

    - synta @ 2009-09-11 / 12:19 a.m.

  • long-forgotten episode

    You were fooled, fooled by the beauty of the delights. You were tricked, so tricked that you don't know anymore where the bold lines are. You know you're not so fool, you know you have always been right, but then again, you were fooled and tricked and brought to the sky so high you thought the cloud was your ground.

    Oh, lies...

    Will you ever bother to care about blues, maroons, browns, and yellows when all you can see are silver and gold?

    You pressed your palms hard against the walls around and they started speaking in languages only you and them understand. You started having deep conversation about the truth, about the uncomfortable that lied underneath your heavenly bed, about the nightmares that had never been revealed because you were always made awake before it started. Mostly about the scary things you have never known either you would be too scared or too amazed when you heard of it. You started being a masochist to yourself by willing to know the truth.

    The clouds slowly faded, you began to lose your ground, your stand. You were flying, but it was unlikely. You were flying double-speed, direction changed. You lost your sense of your surroundings. It was too fast.

    Troubled sights, sounds, and touches. Troubled self. You started asking the walls again, but now they won't reply. You could hear them speak, but you no longer understood. Not a single syllable. Not a thing.

    - synta @ 2009-09-09 / 8:23 a.m.

    wishful thinking

    I am currently too delighted by the fact that since yesterday Farin and her boyfriend agreed to swap their 3G modem with mine, I could get online whenever and wherever I want to. As long as there's Keira around. Keira, the laptop. :-)

    And now I have an assignment which's due on 12pm and an obligation to be on-the-venue in 3 hours, but there's nothing else I would like to do but to help Keira exploring her worldwide level. She'd been alienated from the world she should have known since her birth for, like, for-ever.

    Well, as I've said few lines above, I have some kind of an obligation (whatthehell, of course it is an obligation) to be on the venue of a mass-breakfasting. It's bersaling#5, will be going on until maghrib, and oh so luckily, I didn't wake up to do my sahur this early morning.

    That was both unfortunate and stupid. I'd be glad to tell you tomorrow, what kind of bitch I would be turning into later this day.


    Will be going to PSDP which would be on the place unknown, not the usual. This will either go surprisingly good, or... Well, you know. It will never be good enough for people who had done it before. That is just the way it will always go.

    Back to the main topic... Things I'm currently doing:

  • Downloading YM (Keira always used Adium before, just wanted to show her the real YM world) while wonder if it's possible to mount Windows Live Messenger on her. Is it?
  • Downloading Twitter widget which I'm still unsure of which one. Currently opening the pages of Twhirl and the good TweetDeck.
  • Opening Arkasha's blog and Raden Prisya's... and more later, as usual :-D
  • Doing my assignment. Which sounds so lame. It's Saturday forfuck'ssake.

    Ah, I can hear my phone's screaming her daily alarm downstairs, which means I have only 2.5 more hours to finish this assignment, not including the time I would spend en route and in shower. 1.5 more hours top.

    Ah? Lalala...

    - synta @ 2009-09-05 / 7:02 a.m.

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